Ava for Organizations

Make any communication inclusive to the deaf/hard-of-hearing

Doctor/patient conversations that deaf/hard-of-hearing people can remember

Ava is an option for accessible conversations with deaf/hard-of-hearing patients. Speak into their phone, they type to answer you.

Ava is a mobile app that everyone (coworkers, family members, friends) downloads on their smartphone. By connecting each smartphone’s microphone via the app, Ava captions what the group says on the deaf/hard-of-hearing person’s phone. They can then answer either by talking, or if they have difficulty speaking clearly, typing. Ava can even speak the deaf person’s answer.

Though VRI services are available in the United States, in many situations, very important health information can be lost in the conversation with deaf/hard-of-hearing people. Ava is an option for patients to communicate with doctors, heath professionals & medical staff.

If you’re a healthcare professional who is facing these issues and you are interested in seeing how Ava can help, please leave us your information.