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Make any communication inclusive to the deaf/hard-of-hearing

Ensure Accessibility at Any Event, Effortlessly.

Conferences, Workshops & More

“In many conferences I’ve gone to over the years, ADA access has typically been a problem.  Organizers often fail to think these things through and then when the conference starts, no solutions are in place. The Ava application was great. I was able to see everything that was being said. It has wonderful potential!!” – John N. Hard-of-hearing, Conference Attendant

Better for your attendees, better for your budget.

Traditional captioning has remained insanely costly for years, and this seriously limits how typical events get captioned.

Thanks to the power of Ava’s AI-based technology, this is changing: your attendees can now get the most accurate real-time captions at the best price for you. That’s because of our innovative approach, mixing both voice recognition and professional transcription.

We’ve made live-captioning at events dead easy.

Used by hundreds of thousands of deaf/hard-of-hearing people in the world, the Ava app is already the most used live-captioning app in the world on iOS and Android. Ava Event brings this experience to your small, large & recurring event needs with a simple plug-and-play solution. With no other installation needed, display live captions on a screen or on your participants’ smartphones. Attendees can find or scan the session’s Ava QR code from their smartphone and get real time transcriptions & notes to share after the conference.

We’ve tackled the biggest conferences.

We even made Dreamforce accessible for 160,000 participants. Watch this in action!.

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