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“I gained a level of confidence that I could not have imagined before. Suddenly meetings I used to avoid are now accessible. You can’t possibly imagine the impact it has made for me.” Frederique Seneque, HR in a Fortune 500 Company

Better for your employees, better for your budget.

Traditional captioning has remained insanely costly for years, and this seriously limits how your deaf/hard-of-hearing employees access meetings.

With Ava this is changing. Your employees can now get the most accurate real-time captions at the best price for you. That’s because we use a truly new innovative technology, mixing both AI & professional transcription.

Live meeting notes for your conference call accessibility.

Used by hundreds of thousands of deaf/hard-of-hearing people in the world, Ava is the easiest way for your employees to get real-time transcripts and online captions. With Ava Pro, coworkers join via the Ava app, and turn-on live-captioning at the tap of a button, whenever they need it. It’s that easy. No more planning and clunky services ahead of time. The best? Get the world’s best captioning technology to do the note-taking for you, and forget the hassle of meeting notes.

The only solution for inclusion everywhere.

Because we know that professional life also happens outside of meetings, we designed Ava for a 100% accessible life. Your deaf/hard-of-hearing employees can use Ava to participate in 1-on-1’s, video conferences, cafeteria conversations and networking events.

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